edelkrone Backpack
With up to 42L of abundant storage space, edelkrone Backpack is designed for video professionals who need to carry, organize, and protect their pro-sized equipment.
Designed to adapt.
edelkrone Backpack
Top zipper entry lets you quickly access your camera.
edelkrone Backpack
Three interior pockets provide added storage for smaller items like cables, print materials, adapters and more.
edelkrone Backpack
The stash pocket positioned on the front side protects smaller items like your keys, phones, etc.
edelkrone Backpack
Non-zippered front pocket for fast access.
edelkrone Backpack
Ability to fasten a monopod or tripod to the side of the pack with two adjustable straps.
edelkrone Backpack
Adjustable, padded shoulder and belt straps for optimal comfort.
edelkrone Backpack
Fasteners to eliminate shake and keep your gear in place.
edelkrone Backpack
Nine additional separator pads included for full customization, allowing you to divide the main compartment or cap the divisions.
edelkrone Backpack
Manufactured using high-quality and durable fabric.
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José G.
France France
Good quality, good delivery,

Arrived on time and with care, Thank-you very much!

A edelkrone Customer
Chris T.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Edelkrone quality in a bag

I got this bag to allow me to carry my SliderPlus Long with the Steady module attached and it fits a treat. Not only that but if fits all of my sound gear, some lighting panels, tools, a couple of lenses, batteries and a load of other stuff. Great customisable compartments, loads of pockets, comfortable straps and a carrying handle positioned at the perfect place to grab’n’go. This is a bag I couldn’t do without now and definitely worthy of the well-respected Edelkrone label.

Nikolas R.
Switzerland Switzerland
Wonderful & compact but could use more storage room on the outside

Well, it‘s definitely very usfull and i can fit my whole bundle in it... which then of course doesn‘t have lots of space left for other gear like your camera. I would love to have some additional space on the outside of the bag to get some more gear around it. But that is maybe just me. But overall, i‘m really satisfied with it. Recommend it.

Kenneth B.
Denmark Denmark
Very nice product

Can’t wait to put it on my back, and go out in the world and film it �

Jens A.
Germany Germany
Good, but far from good enough ...

For this price, I would have expected a bag with a solid plastic frame that really protects my equipment. Overall, it is unfortunately just a soft bag that is not really stable. There are definitely no handles on the side and top to transport the bag well. The idea with the backpack is good, also the straps and padding on the back - but in the long run nobody will be able to carry this backpack long and far - it is just too heavy. Unfortunately, a few straps to attach the backpack to a trolley are missing. For 100 EUR less there are already excellent bags with a fixed frame, which you can buy as a backpack, trolley with wheels and with handles. The bag is rather something for fans of Edelkrone - and less of a good help for professional use.

edelkrone edelkrone Backpack Review
Christian M.
Germany Germany
My SliderPLUS Backpack

My SliderPLUS fits perfect in this backpack. And I have room for my SlideModule and HeadPLUS plus one camera with lens etc.

Xprim S.
Romania Romania
Big and sturdy

The Pros: It fits the SliderPlus Pro Long (a very tight fit, but it fits). It fits also all the Edelkrone kit elements I bought: Slide V2 module, 2 Head One, 1 Flex Tilt V2, 1 Stand One, 4 batteries, Chargers, DC Plugs, The Turntable accesory, 1 Lumix Gh5s camera, the Tilt kit V2, a dedolight D2 light, a Manfrotto video light, a medium large Manfrotto video fluid head, 2 Kessler Crane Kwik Release Arca Swiss plates, The remote shutter cables, and there is still space left for other pieces of equipment or for the Head Plus Pro, target module, laser module a.o. And also allows me to attach and carry my medium sized Sirui tripod. So, from the point of view of accomodating my equipment, this backpack is a perfect tool. Cons: The building materials are not so great. Dust and dirt are leaving spots and stains that are pretty difficult to remove. Also, the back handle is in an awkward position so, when used, the backpack bottom part leans towards your legs so that you can not walk without hitting it. Very uncomfortable. Overall, maybe is not the fanciest or the perfectly balanced backpack I own, but for shure it is the best pack and carry for a whole video kit that includes a lot of inovative and useful tools for motion control. I would reccomand it.

edelkrone edelkrone Backpack Reviewedelkrone edelkrone Backpack Reviewedelkrone edelkrone Backpack Review
David K.
Germany Germany
Not build that good

I liked the idea to have a long bag for my slider too. As I'm used to LowePro bags I was dissapointed in the quality for the price point. I would have paid 150,00 € - but not more. The carrying system is not comfortable and the adjustment not fine to use. I missed very small pockets for the little screws and tools. As the little screws are essential to use the sliders and heads - I wouldn’t want to loose them. Small change in the bag - but big change for us users. If the bag would open on the other side it would be ideal. Now you have to lay down the straps in the dirt and then put the bag dirty on again. Hope I could help you to improve your bag. Possible that I’ll give it a try when Backpack V2 is there.

Jesper T.
Denmark Denmark
Too smal for long slider

It is not big enough for the long slider..it can only be in the middle and then there is no room in the top for the camera...the ziopers are too small...and the bag looks nothing like I would expect from Edelkrone....looks like somerhing cheap :-(((

Roger L. Skoglund
Norway Norway
edelkrone Backpack- Need for safe transportation solved!

This backpack offer much space! And I mean much. I stuffed in my edelkrone SlidePlus Pro XL including absolutely all the accessories for this, batteries, chargers, and then still have space for my Canon EOS 5DR and lens. The Backpack is high quality. It is very easy to move the deviders, or complete remove them (just fold them to the side). They offer good protection and support for the parts inside. The only concern I have is if the plastic zipper used will be strong enough for years to come. It is actually made in Turkey (not China). And the price was competitive.

Morten S.
Denmark Denmark
Back for slider

I Think the zipper is way to bad and I think the back must be more robust.

C G.
Germany Germany
Edelkrone Backpack

Product is elegant and well designed for its main purpose of storing a Slider Plus Pro Long. It is also well built with premium materials and above average manufacturing. As such, the bag serves us well to consolidate all of our equipment for a remote Time-lapse. The only thing I would’ve liked is a soft handle or a grip of some kind on the top and on the side. When loaded, the bag becomes very heavy and it is difficult to maneuver in and out of a transport or storage without a grip. In that same vein, it would be nice if the shoulder straps could be stowed away or removed to facilitate stowage. At the end of the day, this is the only bag available on the market which can house our EK TL kit: long slider, tripod, camera, lens, head & slide module, batteries and counter-weight. (4/5 stars)

12 reviews